VW Flowcamper

Flexible companion!

Thanks to the detachable bench seat, the panoramic roof, optional all-wheel drive and much more.

Car & Transporter

Economical and quiet in daily use, fits in the parking lot and garage (height approx. 2 m), standard with 5 seats (expandable to 8 seats) with Isofix possible. The removable sofa and removable furniture create enormous storage space when needed.


Comfortable and complete when traveling, with compressor cool box, water system incl. outdoor shower, cooker, fold-out table and sofa bed that can be folded into a 1.6 m wide bed with sofa function.

Sun terrace

The optional folding roof expands the Flowcamper with two extra sleeping places, headroom and a wonderful sun terrace. This can be opened in no time thanks to the zip-open fabric of the folding roof.

Freedom in motion

With optional four-wheel drive, rough terrain chassis, AT tires and a mobile solar system, the Flowcamper is ready for moments away from mass tourism.

Cooking in the Flowcamper

Indoor kitchen

Cooking on the road is fun, especially in the Flowcamper. Because you decide where you want to cook. In bad weather in the car, on the table or at the workbench in the kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen

Cooking outside of course is even more fun! For the sliding door, on the table, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

At the back of the flow camper

Also possible: under the tailgate on the optional storage boxes, which can be quickly converted into a rear kitchen. If desired, there is an optional second cooker, so that larger menus are also possible.

Minimalism can be so flexible!

Living in the Flowcamper

Abundance of space

The Flowcamper offers a lot of space for living. Inside and outside. Or actually inside outside.

Thanks to the large openings in the body of the vehicle, you also feel close to nature in the Flowcamper.

Plenty of space, a table that can be positioned variably, a bed that is easy to assemble and the comfortable sitting position of the sofa, in combination with the natural and cozy materials, create an incomparably homely atmosphere.

We have also thought of your dog. Ask for the possibilities.

Sleeping in the Flowcamper

At the top

The Flowcamper is an oasis of well-being and an oasis of peace. This includes large beds with a view.

The bed in the raised sleeping roof is a fantastic place in the car thanks to the panoramic view, which can be exposed in a few moments with a zipper. Beautiful views, perfect ventilation and envious glances guaranteed. In bad weather, the fabric is closed in no time and the integrated windows provide ventilation.

At the bottom

The standard lower bed is 1.60 m wide and ensures a good night's sleep even with the roof closed.

The right bed variant for every situation.

Storage in the Flowcamper

Storage space inside

The Flowcamper offers a large storage space under the sofa bed. However, the decisive factor for a trouble-free everyday life and a relaxing holiday is how this storage space can be used.

The first step towards incomparable flexibility is the storage space layout with sliding shelves. This prevents luggage from being shaken. The folding seat offers spontaneous access to the front part of the storage space. Up to three storage boxes provide an additional organizational structure. With the sliding shelf, which can be removed quickly, the boxes can not only be pulled out, but also in. Access is also possible in bad weather. Matching garment bags are available with the boxes.

Rear storage space

The storage space between the boxes and the bed also makes it possible to use the space sensibly. The folding headboard of the bed makes access to luggage even easier. The luggage compartment curtain protects against prying eyes and offers space for chairs and a table.

Showering in the Flowcamper

Water at hand

A Flowcamper is equipped with 12L fresh water and 12L rainwater in the kitchen.

These can be used on the inside of the stainless steel sink and thanks to the long hose through the sliding window or in front of the sliding door. Sandy feet and dirty hands are no problem.

There are also two optional holders for the shower head: a suction cup holder for outdoor use and the rail holder for indoor use and use under the tailgate.

A special feature is the optional battery-operated mobile shower.

Stored in the storage compartment behind the wheel arch to save space and ready for use anywhere. Whether on the beach or in the park. But of course also for showering under the tailgate or as a water supply for the back kitchen.

The battery powers the pump for approximately 50 minutes and can be charged via the 12V plug in the vehicle. Optional 16L fresh water is available.

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