Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Flowcamper

Oasis of well-being on the go

This is due to the spacious floor plan, the pull-out kitchen and bathroom.

Reliable companion

The layout is classic, but enriched with many practical Flowcamper solutions and is available in three configuration levels.

In the basic version, the Max is a three-seater, equipped with the pull-out kitchen including Indel Marine compressor refrigerator with freezer, sliding stainless steel sink and removable two-burner gas hob.

The kitchen offers quick access to the fridge from inside and out and is compact when extended and surprisingly spacious when extended.

A large ceiling-high wardrobe offers generous storage space.

Under the transverse bed of 120x185 is the gas cupboard with space for 2x5kg and the fresh water drawer and plenty of space for voluminous items.

The second extension level includes a mobile dry separation toilet, stored in a cupboard compartment. To use it, the toilet is pulled out of the closet. The optional set of doors to separate the room creates privacy when using the toilet.

The third extension level is equipped with the practical Flowcamper bathroom. This has a combination of sliding and folding doors that allow space-saving layout when not in use. When open, they provide easy access to the wet room.
The Flowcamper bathroom is equipped with an integrated dry toilet and a stainless steel shower tray.

The basis is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in body version L2 and height H2.
The vehicle is 5.92 m long with a wheelbase of 3.66 m.
The height varies between 2.5 and 2.8 m, depending on the operator and the roof hatches.
Rear or all-wheel drive are available, the latter also with reduction.
The powers that can be ordered are:

  • 84KW/114PS,
  • 105KW/143PS
  • 120KW/163PS
  • 140KW/190PS

Double pleasure

The Flowcamper Max combines numerous minimalist solutions into a unique touring vehicle. Away from high tech - to creative ideas.

To be a reliable basis in every situation, the important technical components are built in redundantly (partly optional)!

Two 5 kg gas bottles enable reliable cooking for several weeks. When one bottle is empty, there is enough time to refill it.

Two water pumps provide the flexible reliable water system, without a permanently installed drinking water tank. Instead, the 100-litre supply is carried in two removable and roll-up reservoirs under the bed. As a result, the vehicle does not necessarily have to go to a water source. The 50 liter reservoirs can be easily cleaned and replaced without tools.

Instead of a service-unfriendly combination heater, two proven diesel air heaters are the heat sources. With a sophisticated air distribution, the entire vehicle is reliably heated. If desired, the rear heater can provide hot water through an air-water heat exchanger, and the front heater can provide heat not only for the wet room, but also for underfloor heating in the seating area.

The energy supply is provided by two optional lithium on-board batteries with a combined capacity of 200AH (standard one AGM battery 80AH).

The control panel is optimally placed in the roof paneling between the front storage compartments.

A combination of Votronic and Victron components ensures the highest possible reliability. Standard equipment includes an external power supply under the hood, intelligent charging technology and a 1500W inverter.

Sleeping in the Flowcamper

Spacious beds

The Flowcamper is an oasis of well-being and an oasis of peace. This includes comfortable beds with a view and good slatted base. The transverse bed in the Sprinter L2 (5.9m) is 1.30m wide and 1.85m long. With the optional side extensions, the bed length is 1.95 m.

In the lengthwise Sprinter L3 (6.9m) a bed is mounted lengthwise with the dimensions 1.5x2m.

Cooking in the Flowcamper

What are we eating today?

Space to cook is important. And a fairly large stove too.
But do you have to give up precious living space all day long?

The pull-out kitchen in the Max is the optimal compromise between an open and spacious floor plan and a large kitchen.

The refrigerator is directly accessible - even when the stove is installed. With its parallel-opening door, it is optimally accessible from the inside and outside.

The sink is also easily accessible and very comfortable to use thanks to the pull-out function.

If the cooker is only used for a limited amount of time each day, the two ring hob will be pulled out.
The refrigerator remains accessible and a passage to the outside remains free.

It is a large and comfortable kitchen with a generous work surface.
The stove is ergonomically placed slightly lower than the kitchen worktop. Even large pots or pans fit in without any problems.

When the weather is nice, the cookers can be easily removed and are available for outdoor cooking.

Showering in the Flowcamper

Fresh for the day

The Flowcamper bathroom makes an important contribution to the sense of space in the Max.
When not in use, it folds compactly and provides free access to the rear bed.

When the doors are folded out, a large space is created with a comfortable shower and integrated dry/separating toilet.
The innovative integrated toilet gives you the environmentally friendly option of doing without the infrastructure of a campsite and without water and chemicals.

Removal intervals of approx. 3-4 weeks are realistic and allow unprecedented self-sufficiency.

Storage in the Flowcamper

Practical spaces

The water reservoirs and the gas box (optional) are housed frost-free under the bed. Plenty of storage space is also available. With options such as a drawer module, dog box, second cool box or RAKO rack, the Max becomes your perfect companion.

Optionally, the dinette can be converted into a bench landscape with swiveled front seats and a lowered table.
The unobstructed view from the sliding door perfectly matches the comfortable lounge.

Feelgood details

The furniture of the Max is designed in real wood constructions typical of Flowcamper with oiled surfaces. In combination with felt and optional color areas, a wonderful feel-good space is created.

The modular wall cabinet system allows individual adaptation to your own needs - also at a later date: Closed cabinets with soft-close flaps are available in two widths and two depths, as well as a basic holder for a bag system.

The Flowcamper Max is available as a three- or four-seater. A fifth seat is available as an option for everyday use.

A sleeping roof is also available on request, creating a comfortable child's bed on the second floor.

And one special feature remains invisible: every part such as the water drawer, gas cupboard, kitchen and bed stands alone and can be replaced in the event of damage.

In a Flowcamp, natural materials are used and chemicals are avoided as long as this makes technical sense.

The wall covering is available in gray felt or in oiled real wood.

You can determine the combination of surfaces yourself. Here some examples:

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