Mobile happiness!

In a world flooded with mass products and trends that change daily. The Flowcamper focuses on a different lifestyle.

The Flowcamper is handmade with love and dedication in a limited edition. As a result each vehicle is unique and stands out from the consumer-driven, soulless mass of uniformity. The Flowcamper makes our daily life and leisure time more personal, more harmonious and cooler. The Flowcamper is a way of life!

We all wish we had more time and free time, but instead the world is spinning faster and everyday life is getting more hectic and louder.

The Flowcamper is your resting place, refuge and partner in crime in every situation. It combines the history of the legendary VW and Mercedes capervans with the requirements of today.

Handmade in Germany and not mass produced or loveless put together by machines.

Whether it's built on a Vito or T6.1 or on a Sprinter. Our love for campervans and camping is tainable in every Flowcamper. You can see and you can feel it.

Moving history!

In developing the Flowcamper, we have taken over the ideas of the time-honored campers from Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz. We have brought the ideas of the old campers from Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz to the present day and added new solutions.

The result is a vehicle that is fully suitable for everyday use with low ecological footprint, high safety standards and great quality combined with the lifestyle of the original campervan.

So you can enjoy the freedom of both short trips and road trips to the most beautiful places in the world

Mobile minimalism!

A Flowcamper combines the desire for mobility with a minimalist footprint in everyday life and leisure. A Flowcamper is on the one hand a car, a transporter and on the other hand a freedom vehicle. With everything you need, but no more. Keyless go, ceramic hob or electric pop-up roof? Not with a Flowcamper!

Instead, loving, pragmatic details and reduction to the essentials: low-emission engine, 5 seats suitable for everyday use, large and comfortable bed solutions above and below, cool box, running water, flexible energy-saving LED lighting and a cooker that can be used outdoors and indoors. The completely wooden interior, finished with surface oils, makes the Flowcamper so uniquely cozy.

Everything you need for a happy and mobile life without waste or excess.

Fair prices

There is only one model, two basic vehicles and a short price list, no surcharges, but no discounts either. Simple and fair - for everyone.

That is why we have thought carefully about not skimping on style, attention to detail, quality and functionality: All Flowcampers are manufactured in our factory in Hagen, Germany, with loving attention to detail.

We only use branded components and build exclusively on a high-quality basic vehicle. The solution to fair prices lies in minimizing distribution, logistics and production efforts, and in concentrating on the essentials. That is why the Flowcamper is only available starting from the Volkswagen T6 with short wheelbase or the Mercedes Benz Vito with long wheelbase. The folding roof is always painted white. The interior is chic and practical, but without unnecessary frills.

Our prices are final prices for a fully roadworthy campervans.

When you collect your Flowcamper from us, it is ready for departure. You take your personal belongings, number plates and a good mood with you and you can start your holiday right away. Our prices are fair and well calculated - feel free to compare! Therefore, there is nothing to haggle or negotiate.

A Flowcamper costs what it costs. So we don't have to write pages and pages of offers. That's why the prices are so fair.

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