Flow Color

Feel good materials

In a Flowcamper, natural materials are used and chemicals are avoided as long as this is technically possible.

You can choose between a wooden floor plate covered with linoleum or an oiled real wooden floor plate with a plank look. The wall covering is available in gray felt or also in oiled real wood.

You can determine the combination of surfaces yourself.

Feel good colors

From colorful to subtle, everything is possible with your Flowcamper. In combination with the basic decor and the white roof, numerous paint colors are available from the manufacturer.

The upholstery and furniture fronts are available in six shades of grey, lilac, blue, green, orange and red. Optionally there are side panels in felt or natural wood and the floor in gray or natural wood.

In addition, you can also make the exterior of your Flowcamper a real eye-catcher: matching the interior colours, we offer the two-tone Flow-Color design, which transfers the retro idea to the shapes of today.

Try it out in the color configurator below!

Of course, the exterior and interior colors can also be combined.

Examples can be found in our gallery.

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